B-1 Test Team ground crew pics

Perry Bates sends along some pictures of the B-1 flight test team circa 1984. Both of these pictures are very big, please download and view them in a good viewer, lots of detail to peruse.

Whole Motley Crew, in front of Ship 2, middle 1984.
Download and expand, it's got quite a bit of detail. Scared the heck out of myself when I found Me in the picture, I was scary lookin' 20 some years ago!

And a shot of Perry and the Rockwell crew on B-1 Ship 4 in 1987.
I wasn't there at this point, but I think this is probably one of the last photos of Ship 4 at Edwards. Very shortly after this Ship 4 made it's final flight to the Air museum at Wright-Patternson AFB, where she rests to this day.