Here's my flight log from a trip from RHV to BOI (465 miles) on April 28th 2006.

A: ATIS information at RHV

B: My initial clearance. Cleared to BOI. Radar vectors SJC, V334 SAC V6 FMG then as filed. 3,000, expect 17,000 5 minutes. Departure 121.3, squawk 3774.

C: My initial climb clearances. Cleared to 5k, then cleared to 17k. Pretty simple.

D: ATIS at KBOI. Note that it changed just as I was writing it down.

E; Decent clearances. 10k, then 6.5, no more.

F: Freq changes and baro settings. Not complete, sometimes I don't write them down.

Thats it. One page for a 3 hour flight.