No Windows Or Android

This image is sooo old skool, I prolly made it before you were born.


Before you ask, none of the utilities, games or applications that I write will be offered for the Windows, Andriod, etc. etc. platform.

I write for Apple platforms. I liked programming the Apple ][, and I like programming the Macintosh and iOS and will like programming future products. I didn't like the IBM hardware design when it appeared in 1982.

I work at Apple. I have no interest in providing easy-to-use, fun, or useful products for Windows or other, I would prefer that you buy a Mac or iOS device, so I'll keep creating applications that make them better.

The best way to get more Macs in the market is to have people have a reason to want a Mac. I want my software to be part of that reason. And no, I will not release my source code to anyone for them to port it to another platform.

Sorry, no diatribe about Windows or Microsoft et. al. being "evil" (I think that's just silly), ", just business reasons. I make money when Apple makes money.

--CKH <TR>