Submission Guidelines is happy to host poetry, non-fiction, and fiction writings.

We feel very strongly that the promise of the Web is the freedom to get your ideas, emotions, liberated and available for anyone in the world to see. is proud to be able to host the voices of anyone who wishes to share with their Web-enabled neighbors.
Of course, we are a small site with no desire to grow very large, nor do we advertise anything about Nothing here will be read by thousands of people every day, we average 200 hits per day on the most popular pages.
But, we can guarentee that at least once a week someone will look at what you wrote. You will touch someone, and that someone may share a new thought with one of their friends, lovers, children, parents.
There is so much power in that! Imagine one person reading a poem that means so much to you! Reaching 10 people in a year may have an impact that is unimaginable!
We at Ravenware believe to the depths of our being that free and open communication can change our world in positive, and permanent ways. Join us in making the Web reach it's true potential and share your words. We're not here to make money, we're here to introduce tools for living, and the most important tools are open minds and sharing ideas. Share yours. Again, if your short story is read by one more person that have ever read it before you have reached further and had a greater impact on the world.
We will consider any written word. Send poetry, fiction, essays, Aviation product reviews, operas, whatever you choose to share.
We cannot and will not guarentee to post everything. We reserve the right to refuse, without comment, reason, or reply, anything submitted to Ravenware.
There is no guidance on philosophy, political leanings, or other editorial rules. We will absolutely consider posting items that we do not agree with. However, again, this does not guarentee that we will post anything. Besides our own standards, we will refuse to post material that might result in Ravenware becoming legally at risk in the USA.
So what do you do?
Just send us stuff. Raw text in an email is OK. A Microsoft Word (Mac or Windows) file is OK. An RTF file. Text with images is fine.Only submissions in English will be accepted because we are illiterate in other languages, sorry.
It's wonderful if you can actually send formatted HTML, but that's not a requirement. Send all submissions to Submit. By emailing material you are agreeing that you own the copyright for the submitted material, and you are granting Ravenware the non-exclusive right to publish the material on with no implied or specified compensation.
All material will be posted as-is. No editoral work will be done on your submission, though we will either format the submission for HTML display or on occasion re-format submitted HTML. i.e., if you speeled it wrong it's gonna be spelled wrong here.
We will attempt to acknowlege your submission and alert you when the submitted material is posted live. This is not guarenteed, you may never hear from us even if we post your submission.
We will remove material as soon as feasible at your request at Removal. We may also remove material at the request of others without notifying you, again, we reserve the right to add or delete material from our site at our choice at any time.


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