Past Quotes

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retired 25 July 2014

Is that the thing?
--many people voiced by David Mamet

retired 6 June 2012

It's really important that you actually believe what you believe. --ck

retured 14 July 2010

Don't Go!
I'm already there.
-- Betty & Dave Bowman

retired 5 nov 2009

Morton showed us
Wendy made it music
Ralf & Florin made it rock!

retired 2 April 2009

If you can't teach 'em how to do it, don't try and explain it. Let 'em think it's magic. Everyone deserves a little magic in their world.

retired 27 Jun 2007

Office Rule #2: Be excellent at something!

retired 22 March 2007

Office Rule #1: Never show competence in a task you don't want to do forever.

retired 6 December 2006

Watching "Bevis and Butthead" is like meditating without the uncomfortable leg-crossing.

retired 18 September 2006

A thousand years ago everybody knew as a fact, that the earth was the center of the universe. Five hundred years ago, they knew it was flat. Fifteen minutes ago, you knew we humans were alone on it. Imagine what you'll know tomorrow. --K

retired 31 May 2006

No 'Why', just Here

retired 27 April 2006

Just as "up" has no meaning without the concept of "down," leadership must be defined in terms of followership.
-- Maj. Tony Kern, USAF

retired 3.5.06

Life is the wire; the rest is waiting.
- Joe Gideon

Retired 3 Oct 2005

We have an enemy beyond the barrier

Retired 7 Aug 2005

You know I can't refuse....Build it!



Retired 10 March 2005

Our lives are defined by the shadows of what happened a second ago.

-Dejah Tallen


Retired 22 Jan 2005

From each according to his desire
To each according to their contribution

retired 17 Jan 2005

We're dancing on the ragged edge of Perfection
- Dejah Tallin

retired 7 December 2004

What kind of magical being sits around eating cheez doodles and refreshing slashdot all day. We ain't the final word in evolution, people
- Roast Beef

retired 8 November 2004

look this ain't the magna carta dude it is just a .txt file
-- Roast Beef

retired 11 Sept 2004

Gloves get muddy, mud doesn't get glovey

retired 11 November 2001

Richard Kadrey said (through Groucho):

I am here by the will of the people, and will not leave until I get my raincoat back!

retired 6 October 2001

The Clash said;

What is the dream?

To live like they do, in the movies?

retired 31 August 2001

Lola says;

I don't beleive you can refuse the things that make no sense.