There is no excuse for terror.


There can be no tolerance for terror tactics, by whomever, whenever.

Bombings in London. Kidnappings in Indonesia. Suicide bombers in Tel Aviv.

And the destruction of 6,000 people in New York City.

This exercise of violence, unanticipated, unasked, with no demands nor reason, must be eradicated from human intercourse.

The 200 janitors who died in the World Trade Center on 9.11.01 had no political views, they were trying to earn bread for their children.

War if you must, or even assasinate those who hold responsibility for the greivance you harbor.

But wanton killing of those ignorant of your cause is insane, and will stop.

By taking actions like this you declare yourself extra-societal. You have violated the basic tenants that, despite every other conflict and disagreement, all societies on this planet hold as core values. You can, shall, and will be destroyed to protect the minimal world-wide soceital norms we do enjoy.


TO those who would offer these pity and succor, stand aside. They live outside the society you hope for pity and compassion in, and deserve none of it. Spend your energies on those who can benefit, stay clear and do not defend these World-union psycopaths, these international sociopaths.

Eradicate this cancer. Children do not go to school on a battlefiled, and to turn their classrooms into such states clearly that you are revoking your choice to participate in this global society. You then have two choices;

1) Remove yourself from all intercourse with all other societies.

2) Be exterminated.