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C.K.'s Check Ride

My Private Pilot Checkride
Getting ready for your private pilot check ride? Here are my experiences on my recent (successful!) check ride to give you some perspective, additional knowledge, and confidence!

Flight Log

Flight Log
Might be useful to you. Logs of all my flights, and comments on airports and navaids on the way.

Owning Home

Owning an Airplane
I need my own airplane! Well, I'm going to get one anyway. Follow the thought process and mechanics of buying an aircraft with me!


Home of N3636H
The home of my Mooney M20K 231.

B1 Photos

B1 Bomber photos
Some photos from my time on the B1 flight test team from program restart to first delivery of the aircraft to Strategic Air Command

Mooney Transition

Transitioning to a Mooney

Mooneys have many myths associated with them that might cuase you not to consider them. Here are my notes on my transition to a Mooney M20K 231 that might help put your mind at ease.

A typical IFR flight

A Flight

A typical, hum-drum, flight out west for your enjoyment

C.K.'s PiReps

C.K.'s PiReps

Things I've tried, opinions on parts, products, people, and things. Quick notes, not definitive, but might give you something to think about when you look at a product.

John DeFranco's Checkride

John DeFranco's Checkride

Another successful checkride experience!

An Icing Encounter

Scott McKelvey's Ice encounter

Weather is on the minds of every IFR pilot, and the decision to go or not go is tempered by many factors. Here is Scott McKelvey icing experience, and how it changed his decision making.

VFR into IMC

VFR into IMC

Getting into weather you don't expect isn't necessarily harrowing or traumatic, it can sneak up on a careful pilot. My encounter....

Mooney Landings

Mooney Landings

A useful 5-pager on landing Mooneys. Of course, applies to any airplane, good presentation on energy management!

Snowden's Checkride

Another great ride

Chris Snowden shares his experiences

Pilots Independence

Why do many pilots share a more Libertarian attitude?

My thoughts.

Sam Sears Checkride

The more checkrides you read, the better you'll be prepared!

Lukla Airport

Lukla Airport Operations
In October of 2013 I had the opportunity to hang out at Lukla Airport in Nepal for a few hours. This airport is on the mountainside at 12,000 feet. I took a bunch of photos, and put them all, unedited, on line at Flikr for your entertainment. If any picture truely strikes you, send me a note and I might send you the orginal 20 MByte NEF file to work with.





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